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Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Do you want to escape to serene and tranquil surroundings? Look no further than the stunning lakes near Hyderabad. These hidden gems offer a refreshing respite from the chaos of urban living. Whether you are a nature lover, adventure seeker, or someone who simply enjoys a peaceful day by the water, these lakes have something for everyone.

Attractions and Highlights

1. Osman Sagar Lake: Also known as Gandipet Lake, Osman Sagar is a man-made reservoir located at a distance of 22 km from Hyderabad. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and offers breathtaking views. Visitors can indulge in activities such as boating and picnicking.

2. Himayat Sagar Lake: Located just a few kilometers away from Osman Sagar, Himayat Sagar is another picturesque lake that is worth a visit. The lake is an ideal spot for bird watching and fishing. The beautiful surroundings make it a perfect place for a day trip.

3. Durgam Cheruvu Lake: Nestled amidst granite rocks and lush greenery, Durgam Cheruvu is a hidden gem in the heart of Hyderabad. The lake offers stunning views and recreational activities such as boating and jet skiing. It is also a popular spot for photography enthusiasts.

4. Shamirpet Lake: Situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad, Shamirpet Lake is a peaceful retreat away from the city’s chaos. The lake is surrounded by a deer park and a beautiful rock garden. Visitors can enjoy a boat ride or relax by the lakeside.

5. Hussain Sagar Lake: One of the most iconic lakes in Hyderabad, Hussain Sagar is known for its statue of Lord Buddha standing in the middle of the lake. Visitors can take a boat ride to get a closer look at the statue or enjoy a leisurely walk along the lake’s promenade.

6. Pocharam Reservoir: Located in Medak district, Pocharam Reservoir is a scenic lake surrounded by hills and forests. It is home to a variety of migratory birds, making it a paradise for bird watchers. The lake also offers boating facilities.

7. Manjira Reservoir: Situated in Sangareddy district, Manjira Reservoir is a popular spot for fishing and boating. The serene surroundings and calm waters make it an ideal place to unwind and relax.

How to Reach and Precautions

To reach these lakes, you can hire a cab or take a public bus from Hyderabad. It is advisable to carry water bottles, sunscreen, and hats as the weather can be quite hot, especially during summers. Make sure to follow safety guidelines while indulging in water activities and avoid littering to maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings.

Where to Stay and Food Specialties

There are several resorts and hotels near these lakes where you can enjoy a comfortable stay. Some popular options include resorts near Shamirpet Lake and Osman Sagar Lake. The nearby areas also offer a variety of food options, including local delicacies such as Hyderabad biryani, dumplings, and kebabs.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit these lakes is during the winter and early spring months when the weather is pleasant and mild. Avoid visiting during the monsoon season as the water levels can rise, making it unsafe for activities such as boating and swimming.

Traveler Experiences

Visitors to these lakes have had nothing but rave reviews. Many have praised the picturesque beauty, peaceful surroundings, and a sense of calmness that these lakes provide. Some have shared instances of spotting rare bird species, capturing stunning photographs, and enjoying quality time with loved ones. These experiences highlight the hidden treasures these lakes have to offer.

Travel Essentials

Here is a list of travel essentials you should pack before visiting these lakes:

– Sunscreen lotion
– Hat or cap
– Sunglasses
– Water bottles
– Comfortable shoes for walking
– Camera or smartphone for capturing beautiful moments


Discover the hidden gems of the stunning lakes near Hyderabad and treat yourself to a rejuvenating experience. From boating and bird watching to simply enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings, these lakes offer an escape from the chaos of everyday life. Plan your visit, pack your essentials, and get ready to embark on a memorable journey of relaxation and serenity.

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