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Kollam, also known as Quilon, is a beautiful city in the state of Kerala, India. It is famous for its stunning backwaters, serene beaches, historical sites, and religious places. The city of Kollam is a perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and relaxed vacation amidst the lap of nature. Here is a guide to the best tourists’ destinations in Kollam.

Top Tourist Destinations in Kollam

– Ashtamudi Lake: Ashtamudi Lake is the largest lake in Kerala. This freshwater lake is famous for its calm backwaters, lush greenery and small islands that are perfect for a day picnic.

– Thangassery Light House: Thangassery Light House stands tall, overlooking the Arabian Sea. The lighthouse is over a century old and offers stunning views of the sunset.

– Kollam Beach: Kollam Beach is the most popular beach in the city of Kollam. It is a perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun.

– Munroe Island: Munroe Island is a small island, located about 25 km from Kollam. This island is famous for its lush-green paddy fields and canals. Visitors can take a canoe ride and explore the island.

– Palaruvi Waterfalls: Palaruvi Waterfalls is a natural waterfall, located about 75 km from Kollam. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

How to Reach and Things to be Taken Care

The city of Kollam is well-connected by road, rail, and air. Visitors can take a flight to Thiruvananthapuram International Airport or Kochi International Airport, which are well-connected to major cities in India. Kollam railway station is well-connected to cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Visitors can also take a bus from major cities in South India. It is recommended to carry sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and mosquito repellent while visiting Kollam.

Where to Stay and Food Specialities Nearby

Kollam offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget hotels to luxury resorts. Some of the popular hotels in Kollam are The Raviz Kollam, AllSeason Backwater Resort, and Hotel Shah International. Visitors can savor the local cuisine of Kollam, which includes seafood delicacies like crab, prawns, and mussels. Visitors must try Kollam’s famous dish, karimeen pollichathu (fish wrapped in banana leaf and grilled).

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Kollam is from October to February when the weather is pleasant, and visitors can enjoy the serene beauty of Kollam.

Language and Communication Tips

The official language of Kollam is Malayalam. English is also widely spoken. Visitors can learn a few common words like Namaste (hello), Shukriya (thank you), and Kaise ho (how are you).

Cultural Customs and Etiquette Guidance

Kollam has a rich cultural heritage, and visitors must respect the local customs and traditions. Visitors must dress modestly while visiting religious places. Visitors must remove their footwear before entering a temple or a house.

Must-Visit Destinations and Attractions Nearby

– Alleppey Backwaters: Alleppey Backwaters is located about 80 km from Kollam. It is a network of lagoons and canals that are perfect for a houseboat ride.

– Varkala Beach: Varkala Beach is located about 40 km from Kollam. It is a perfect spot for surfing and swimming.

– Sasthamkotta Lake: Sasthamkotta Lake is located about 27 km from Kollam. It is the largest freshwater lake in Kerala and is famous for its scenic beauty.

Food and Dining Recommendations

Some of the popular restaurants in Kollam are The Food Bowl, Kuttanadu, and The Riverside Restaurant. These restaurants offer delicious local cuisine at an affordable price.

Safety Precautions and Emergency Measures

Visitors must take necessary safety measures while visiting Kollam. Visitors must avoid visiting isolated areas at night. Visitors must carry a first-aid kit and emergency contact numbers.

Experiences Summary of Other Travelers

Visitors have praised Kollam for its serene backwaters, delicious food, and warm hospitality. Visitors must take a backwater cruise and explore the untouched beauty of Kollam.

A List of Items as Packing and Travel Essentials

– Sunscreen
– Comfortable shoes
– Mosquito repellent
– First-aid kit
– Light cotton clothing

Final Summary

Kollam is a perfect destination for nature lovers and relaxation seekers. Visitors can explore the serene backwaters, stunning beaches and savor the local cuisine of Kollam.

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