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Rajkot, the fourth-largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat, is one of the most culturally significant places to visit in India. The city boasts of some of the most architectural beauties and tourist spots that one could explore in the state. The city’s history dates back to the 17th century and has been ruled by various dynasties, making it rich in culture and traditions. Discovering Rajkot is an experience of a lifetime, and we have compiled a list of 17 must-visit places that you must explore in the city to get the best of the culture and architecture.

17 Must-Visit Places to Explore

– Kaba Gandhi No Delo
– Watson Museum and Library
– Rotary Dolls Museum
– Rajkumar College
– Jubilee Garden
– Aji Dam
– Mahatma Gandhi High School
– Lal Pari Lake
– The Lang Library
– Rashtriya Shala
– ISKCON Temple
– Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium
– Swaminarayan Gurukul
– The Rajkot Municipal Corporation Zoo
– Ganga Beach
– Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary
– Historical Places and Temples

Attractions and Places

– Kaba Gandhi No Delo: The house where Mahatma Gandhi spent his childhood is now turned into a museum. The museum has a collection of photographs, letters, and other memorabilia of Mahatma Gandhi.
– Watson Museum and Library: The museum has a collection of ancient artifacts and exhibits that reflect the culture and heritage of Gujarat.
– Rotary Dolls Museum: The museum has a collection of over 1000 dolls from different parts of the world.
– Rajkumar College: The college’s architecture is a mix of Gothic, Rajput, and Islamic styles, making it a beautiful and historic place to visit.
– Jubilee Garden: The garden is spread over 100 acres and has a variety of flora and fauna. It also has a small amusement park and a zoo.
– Aji Dam: The Aji Dam is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. It offers a scenic view of the dam, and one can also indulge in water sports activities.
– Mahatma Gandhi High School: The school is the same school where Mahatma Gandhi studied. It is a beautiful and historic school to visit.
– Lal Pari Lake: The Lal Pari Lake is a serene and peaceful place to visit. The lake is surrounded by hills, making it a picturesque location.
– The Lang Library: The Library has a vast collection of books, manuscripts, and ancient scriptures that reflect the culture and heritage of Gujarat.
– Rashtriya Shala: The Rashtriya Shala is a traditional handloom factory. It has a collection of handloom products ranging from sarees to bed sheets.
– ISKCON Temple: The temple has a beautiful architecture and offers a peaceful environment for meditation and prayer.
– Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium: The stadium is home to the Saurashtra cricket team and is a must-visit place for sports enthusiasts.
– Swaminarayan Gurukul: The Gurukul is a school with a mission to preserve Indian culture and heritage.
– The Rajkot Municipal Corporation Zoo: The Zoo has a collection of exotic animals and birds from different parts of the world.
– Ganga Beach: The beach provides a serene and peaceful environment for relaxation. One can indulge in water sports activities and enjoy the scenic beauty.
– Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary: The Sanctuary has a collection of wild animals, including the Asiatic lion, making it a must-visit place for wildlife enthusiasts.
– Historical Places and Temples: The city boasts of some of the most beautiful temples and historical places that reflect the rich culture and heritage of Gujarat.

How to Reach and Take Care

The city is well connected to major cities in India. One can reach Rajkot by air, rail, or road. While in Rajkot, it is advisable to take care of the following:

– Carry a mask and sanitizer
– Drink only bottled water
– Avoid eating street food

Where to Stay and Food Specialities

There are several hotels and guest houses in Rajkot that offer comfortable and affordable stay options. The city’s cuisine includes traditional Gujarati food, street food, and snacks, which one must try while in Rajkot.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Rajkot is from October to March, as the weather is pleasant and perfect for sightseeing.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Language And Communication Tips

The official language of Rajkot is Gujarati. However, English and Hindi are also widely spoken, and one can easily communicate with locals in these languages.

Cultural Customs and Etiquette Guidance

– Remove your shoes before entering any religious places
– Dress modestly
– Seek permission before taking photographs of people

Must-Visit Destinations And Attractions Nearby

– Junagadh
– Gondal
– Bhuj
– Ahmedabad
– Somnath

Food And Dining Recommendations

– Fafda and Jalebi
– Dhokla
– Khandvi
– Thepla
– Undhiyu

Safety Precautions And Emergency Measures

– Dial 100 for emergencies
– Avoid going out alone at night
– Do not carry too much cash or valuables

Experiences summary of other traveler

According to public reviews, some of the travelers’ experiences are:

– The city is a beautiful blend of culture and history.
– The food in Rajkot is delicious and offers a unique culinary experience.
– The people are welcoming and hospitable.

List of Items as Packing and Travel Essentials

– Comfortable Clothing and Footwear
– Sunglasses and Sunscreen
– First Aid Kit
– Personal Toiletries
– Camera and charger


Rajkot is a must-visit place for travelers who are interested in exploring Gujarat’s rich culture and heritage. With its beautiful architecture, scenic spots, and mouth-watering cuisine, Rajkot offers a unique experience that travelers can cherish for a lifetime.

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