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Wat Pathum Wanaram is a historic Buddhist temple located in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand. Known for its peaceful atmosphere and stunning architecture, this temple is a must-visit for anyone interested in Thai culture and spirituality. In this article, we will explore the various attractions within the temple grounds and provide information on how to reach there, where to stay, and the best time to visit.

Attractions and Highlights

– The main highlight of Wat Pathum Wanaram is the beautiful ubosot, or ordination hall, which houses a statue of the Buddha and intricate murals depicting stories from Buddhist scriptures.
– Another prominent feature is the golden pagoda, which stands tall in the temple compound and offers a stunning view of the surrounding area.
– The temple grounds also consist of numerous small shrines, a meditation hall, and a peaceful garden where visitors can relax and soak in the serene ambiance.

How to Reach and Things to Consider

– Wat Pathum Wanaram is conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok, near the popular shopping district of Siam. It can be easily reached by taking the BTS Skytrain to the National Stadium station.
– Visitors should dress modestly and remove their shoes before entering the temple buildings. It is also important to show respect and refrain from any disrespectful behavior while on the premises.

Accommodation and Food

– There are several hotels and guesthouses in the vicinity of Wat Pathum Wanaram, ranging from budget to luxury options. Some popular choices include Siam Kempinski Hotel, Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square, and Holiday Inn Bangkok.
– As for food, visitors can enjoy a variety of Thai delicacies at the nearby Siam Paragon shopping mall or indulge in street food along the nearby Sukhumvit Road. Some must-try dishes include pad Thai, green curry, and mango sticky rice.

Best Time to Visit

– The temple is open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. To avoid crowds, it is recommended to visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
– The best time to visit Wat Pathum Wanaram is during Buddhist festivals such as Makha Bucha and Visakha Bucha, when the temple is beautifully adorned and hosts special ceremonies.

Experiences of Other Travelers

– According to public reviews, visitors to Wat Pathum Wanaram have praised the serene atmosphere and stunning architecture of the temple.
– Many travelers have shared their experiences of being able to witness traditional Buddhist ceremonies and participate in meditation sessions led by the resident monks.

Packing and Travel Essentials

– Comfortable walking shoes
– Modest clothing (covering shoulders and knees)
– Umbrella or raincoat (in case of rain)
– Bottled water
– Sunscreen


In summary, Wat Pathum Wanaram is a historic Buddhist temple in Bangkok that offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city. With its beautiful architecture, serene ambiance, and cultural significance, it is a must-visit for travelers exploring the city. Visitors can enjoy the various attractions within the temple grounds, try delicious local cuisine nearby, and immerse themselves in the rich Thai culture and spirituality.

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