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Located in the highlands of Bali, the Handara Gate is a hidden gem that has become an Instagram sensation. Its picturesque scenery and iconic Balinese architecture make it the perfect spot for stunning and envy-inducing photographs. Tourists from all over the world visit Handara Gate to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy shot.

Highlights and Attractions

– Iconic Handara Gate: The main highlight of Handara Gate is the stunning entrance gate, made of traditional Balinese architecture and surrounded by lush greenery. It serves as a unique and eye-catching backdrop for photographs.
– Beautiful Surroundings: The Handara Golf Resort, where the gate is located, offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. This adds to the overall charm and beauty of Handara Gate.
– Serene Atmosphere: Handara Gate provides a peaceful and tranquil environment, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the serene beauty of Bali.

How to Reach Handara Gate

To reach Handara Gate, you can hire a taxi or drive from Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. It is approximately a two-hour drive from Denpasar. However, it is recommended to hire a local driver who is familiar with the roads.

Where to Stay and Food Specialties

There are several accommodation options available near Handara Gate. The Handara Golf Resort offers comfortable rooms with beautiful views. Additionally, there are other hotels and villas in the nearby area.
When it comes to dining, Handara Gate is known for its local Balinese cuisine. Restaurants in the area serve delicious Indonesian dishes, including traditional Balinese specialties like nasi goreng and satay.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Handara Gate is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. During these times, the lighting is perfect for photography, and you can also avoid the crowds. It is recommended to check the weather forecast before your visit to ensure clear skies.

Experiences of Other Travelers

According to public reviews, visitors have been mesmerized by the beauty and tranquility of Handara Gate. Many have mentioned that the gate offers a unique and picturesque experience. Some visitors have even described it as a magical place and highly recommend it to others.

Packing and Travel Essentials

When visiting Handara Gate, it is important to pack the following essentials:
– Comfortable walking shoes
– Sunscreen
– Hat or cap
– Camera or smartphone for capturing stunning shots
– A light jacket or shawl, as the highlands can get chilly


Handara Gate in Bali is a hidden gem that offers stunning photo opportunities and a serene atmosphere. With its iconic entrance gate, beautiful surroundings, and peaceful ambiance, it has become a popular spot for Instagram-worthy shots. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views, experience the local Balinese culture, and indulge in delicious Indonesian cuisine nearby. Just make sure to plan your visit during the best time, pack the essentials, and respect the local customs and etiquette.

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