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Kerala’s charming natural beauty is renowned all over the world, and its dams and reservoirs stand out as examples of human achievement against the backdrop of natural splendor. Kerala, also known as the ‘God’s own country,’ features a plethora of thrilling places to visit. There are 20 different dams and reservoirs in Kerala, each of which provides breathtaking views, an abundance of wildlife, and an opportunity to experience the state’s cultural heritage. This article is a guide to Kerala’s top 20 dams and reservoirs, where you can discover the beauty and power of these amazing structures.


– Adventure sports and activities
– Excellent landscape view
– Boating facilities
– Wildlife safari
– Historic landmarks


1. Banasura Sagar Dam
2. Idukki Dam
3. Malampuzha Dam
4. Mattupetty Dam
5. Parambikulam Dam
6. Pothundi Dam
7. Lower Periyar Dam
8. Neyyar Dam
9. Peechi Dam
10. Kundala Dam
11. Mullaperiyar Dam
12. Karapuzha Dam
13. Chimmony Dam
14. Vazhani Dam
15. Cheruthoni Dam
16. Kuttiadi Dam
17. Kulamavu Dam
18. Kanjirapuzha Dam
19. Kakkayam Dam
20. Chitturpuzha Weir

Each of the above dams has its own unique appeal, ranging from their historical importance to adventure activities and scenic beauty.

How to Reach:

All of the dams are easily accessible by road and you can rent taxis, or hire autos to reach there. Public transportation is also available, and you can take KSRTC buses to reach the dams.

Where to Stay and Food Specialities Nearby:

There are numerous hotels that provide comfort and good amenities near the dams. You’ll be able to experience the traditional food of Kerala in the nearby towns. Also, tea and coffee stalls and small eateries are available.

Best Time to Visit:

September through February is the best time to visit these dams as these months provide the perfect climate, and you can explore the natural beauty of the areas around the dams.

Cultural Customs and Etiquette Guidance:

While experiencing Kerala’s unique culture, it is essential to follow certain cultural customs and etiquette. Here are some tips:

– Dress in modest clothing.
– Remove footwear before entering temples.
– Avoid hugging or kissing people you are meeting for the first time.
– Do not eat beef as it is not considered a part of Kerala’s customary food tradition.

Experiences Summary:

Here are some comments by travelers about these dams:

– Banasura Sagar Dam: “A must-visit place in Wayanad. Serenity and natural beauty at its best.”
– Neyyar Dam: “A beautiful dam with scenic surroundings where you can do trekking and camping.”
– Kuttiadi Dam: “A peaceful place to spend some quality time with your family.”

Packing and Travel Essentials:

– Comfortable walking shoes
– Sunglasses
– Sunscreen lotion
– Mosquito repellent
– First aid kit

Final Summary:

Kerala’s top 20 dams and reservoirs offer stunning views, adventure sports, and a chance to experience the state’s natural beauty. These visits provide travelers an extraordinary combination of nature and human-made architecture. With the landmarks covered in this guide, the wonders of Kerala’s dams and reservoirs are at your fingertips.

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